Holiday Enjoyment

Ah the holidays – a time of fun and a time of frustration as well. Do we buy the right gift? Are we going to be able to see all of the family members? If not, will they be disappointed, and if they are how will we make that right?

A few things that have happened in my family to make the holidays easier.

1.  We got rid of the grab bag. It was a hassle, and it was a lot of money. Now we pick a theme and have a limit of $15 or $20 dollars and that is even more fun because now you can see what others got and steal gifts from each other. Everyone ends up with something, but you never really know until the very end what it might be.

2.  The party is when the host says it is. If you can make it, great and if not, then that is OK too. You can send food or gifts if you like, but at least give a call while the party is going on and we will all get to chat. That way, everyone will be involved in some way.

3.  Doing some charity. Our family will be donating time to a food bank this year to help pack meals that will get sent around the world. We will all get to be together and do a good work at the same time.

4. Finally, enjoy some time alone. Yes, it is a time to connect with friends and family, but it can also be a time to get in touch with yourself as well. Enjoy the chance to just have some quiet time, maybe watch a movie, and have a great meal. Enjoy yourself.

If you have any fun ideas for the holidays, please use this forum to share. Have a great end to 2015 and a wonderful 2016.





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