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Be afraid – Be very afraid

    “Be afraid – Be very afraid,” is a term that we may say to joke around with others, but there are many people who live life this way. And, it is easy to see why some individuals might just think this is true, with the news giving us stories of bombs, shootings, natural disasters, and the like. But, what we really need to consider is what is the likelihood that something like this could happen to us? Yes, bad things can happen, but how likely are they?

    Successful people live life knowing that there could be something bad that could happen to them at any time, but they still choose to go out and live their lives. This may not be a conscious choice (I doubt they leave the house pondering all of the bad things that might occur) but they still know that there is a chance that something could go wrong. Anxious people, on the other hand, do think of everything that could go wrong and it stifles their lives because they live in fear of what might happen, therefore not actually experiencing what will happen.

    So, look at a feared thing as an idea – not necessarily a reality. Could things happen? Yes. Will they happen? Maybe. Will they happen to you? Another maybe. Can you live with that – that is your choice.