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Welcome to Anxiety Centers of Illinois

We focus on one thing: Anxiety

Avoiding what you fear and seeking reassurance from others may give you short-term relief, but will ultimately maintain your anxiety in the long run. At Anxiety Centers of Illinois (ACI), our goal is to teach you a new way of coping with your anxiety so you can develop and utilize new skills to manage your fears.

ACI therapists are highly trained in the lastest evidence-based techniques for effective anxiety treatment. ACI is your home for clear, effective treatment of anxiety disorders including stress, panic, phobias, school refusal and OCD. We will also assist you with the depression that often accompanies your anxiety. Call us at (847) 854-8200 today.​

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can be thought of as the anticipation of a feared event that will occur at some point in time in the future. But, why even have these experiences? For most people, these experiences are the very things that keep them alive. You swerve when a car cuts you off in traffic, and you run out of the way when it comes barreling down at you while you cross the street. Those panic responses saved your life. But, what if these types of responses happened when they did not need to happen? 

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Appointments available in Illinois

Call us at (847) 854-8200 to schedule an  in-person or telehealth appointment. After a thorough anxiety evaluation, we will set up a treatment plan to solve your anxiety problems. 

Crystal Lake location
600 Dakota Street
Crystal Lake, Illinois
(847) 854-8200
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Naperville location
618 W. 5th Ave. Suite B Naperville, Illinois
(847) 854-8200
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